About Us

Mission Statement

To facilitate a lively exchange of information and insights among women who care about their world.


The Beginning

Intelligent Women Dialogue began when a group of women agreed that navigating through truth, partial truth and total UN-truth in today’s media-soaked world is a rigorous undertaking. There’s no lack of information – but much of it is slanted or unsubstantiated.


As women who care about our world, we are constantly seeking and evaluating reliable, accurate information and reasonable interpretation – so we can be well-informed and base our opinions on the facts. But there’s only so much time for an individual to read, watch, and listen to the news.  IWDialogue gives us the chance to combine our knowledge and our exposure to unbiased information – and get closer to the truth, together.


Since that early group of interested women, the “membership” of IWD has grown dramatically – with friends introducing friends -- to include hundreds of women from all around the U.S. and several other countries.


About the Founder

Cheryl Harbour is a journalist with 30 years of experience as a writer, editor, reporter, columnist and corporate communications executive. IWDialogue was inspired by a trip to Washington, D.C. in March 2011 for an event hosted by the State Department – the International Women of Courage Awards. Cheryl wrote about the events and answered questions from a group of friends who were concerned about certain issues and frustrated by the information – or lack of information -- they were getting from traditional news sources.


“It’s not a coincidence that an event honoring women from around the world gave birth to Intelligent Women Dialogue. Women have so much to share and learn from each other. Real women are a source of great knowledge and understanding and my goal is to strengthen the connections among us.”

“When I attended the University of Missouri School of Journalism, certain principles were instilled in us – objectivity, accuracy, integrity, and responsibility. Those values are sometimes ignored in today’s world of instant information, news-on the run, and politically-biased media. So Intelligent Women Dialogue takes a different approach – pooling the knowledge from people with different life experiences who have a healthy respect for truth.”  Cheryl Harbour


What is an “Intelligent Woman”? An intelligent woman is alert, aware, perceptive, analytical, eager to learn, open to new ideas and new experiences, engaged in her world.

But intelligent women aren’t always serious. They are also irreverent, curious, honest, and sometimes downright funny. They wonder about things.


Why Intelligent Women Dialogue

Intelligent Women Dialogue does three things for you:

1. Provides an outlet for your ideas, observations, opinions, and questions.

2. Collects and compiles insights and information from intelligent women of all ages from all around the country.

3. Conducts fact checks and researches additional information to help you become better informed about important topics. It will give you good material, so you’ll always have something interesting to say.


Somewhere between being invited to speak on a TV talk show...and sitting with a cup of coffee and your best friend who agrees with you on almost everything...is a whole world of insights, opinions, impressions, and information worth knowing and sharing. Whose comments interest you most: A typical “talking head” on TV? Every Tom, Dick, and Harry on a public discussion site? Or other women who care about the world and who bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences to the table?


Our world is filled with talking heads, spin doctors, slanted journalism, erroneous e-mails, and unreliable information. An individual can't possibly watch enough TV, read enough publications and do enough internet research to sort through it alone. But, together, we can come closer to the truth. And we’ll focus on topics in four areas:  World Affairs, Politics, Modern Living, and Self. IWD doesn't take the place of daily or minute-to-minute news. Our dialogue gives you a chance to learn, to reflect, and to form your own opinion. 


The New Website allows members to participate freely and privately, to follow over time the topics and dialogues that interest them, and to interact by suggesting and contributing content.


For more information on How IWD Works - click here.


Here’s what some members have said about IWDialogue:

“Since I’ve been participating in IWD, my radar is more attuned to what’s going on the world. Once a topic is introduced, I pay closer attention, and I enjoy sending in comments about what I’ve learned. By the time several cycles of dialogue have taken place, it becomes a topic I feel well-informed about – and able to speak about intelligently.”


“I like expressing my opinion and sharing what I learn – and Intelligent Women Dialogue is a good place to do it.”


“I’ve heard about all I want to hear from some of the same old personalities on TV – predictably opinionated people putting their spin on the news. I get tired of people who only want to talk and talk, and never want to listen. Honestly, I’m more curious about what other real women know and think than some of those people who come off as extreme..and LOUD!”


“I think it’s great that IWD isn’t all serious – some of the topics are fun and surprising.”


“When I keep up with the dialogue, I’ve found myself using the material in other conversations – at dinner parties and such. IWDialogue pulls information from a lot of different places and different perspectives, so something interesting always comes out of it.”


Frequently asked questions:

What is IWDialogue’s political slant? Steadfastly neutral. That is the whole point of Intelligent Women Dialogue. When I was being educated as a journalist in the University of Missouri School of Journalism, being objective as a journalist was a core value and an acquired skill. When cable TV entered the media world, and entertainment became more important than information, much of “journalism” became something else. Not with IWD. If any specific dialogue seems to lean one way or the other, it’s because THOSE are the people who wrote in about that topic. Dialogue means more than one opinion. If you want your side fairly represented, the best thing you can do is participate!


Who are the women who currently participate? What started as an e-mail list of about 20 local women has now grown to hundreds of women all over the country – California, Washington, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and many other places inside and outside the U.S. Our web site enables us to keep adding members – and we feel, the more the merrier. The more we grow…the more we’ll know.


Why do comments appear with numbers and how are they assigned? When you join IWD, the system gives you a number to protect your privacy and anonymity. You don’t need to remember that number; the system recognizes it whenever you log in.


How can I invite my friends to join IWD? Our group has grown organically, with friends introducing friends. And I tend to give cards to intelligent women wherever I find them – at a conference or a business meeting, in a restaurant, at a school event etc. You are encouraged to bring new women to our attention. Tell your friends about our web site: www.iwdialogue.com. Or you can send me their e-mail addresses at topics@iwdialogue.com, and I will send a nice introduction.


Looking forward to your participation!