Been There / Done That

As much as we try as individuals, we can’t do everything in one lifetime we’d like to do. This feature gives IWD members and others an opportunity to share unusual experiences that hold relevance for today’s world.

We encourage you to email to tell us about a Been There / Done That experience of your own, and we’ll contact you to get more details.

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How Bonnie Kos helped a sport-loving group become a 501c3 :   A Boatload of Support for Cancer Survivors After Bonnie Kos finished her 30-year career with McDonalds Corporation – including her role as Vice President, Corporate Real Estate -- she began to spend more time in Hawaii. Never one to sit still for long, she became involved with a local sporting group that paddles outrigger canoes. On one of her paddling excursions out onto the azure blue bay, another member of the six-person crew said “You ought to come out and race with us.”

December 02 2012

Why I Hike : Introduction: Whenever someone says to IWD Member Judy Leaver, "Take a hike!" -- she definitely considers it.

April 25 2012

The Pan Am Experience: As Told by a Real Pan Am "Stewardess" : Introduction: Our first Been There/Done That, keyed off the new TV series Pan Am, is written by a real-life Pan Am stewardess.

October 06 2011