Some pretty darn good New Year's Aspirations

Introduced: January 09 2016


Every now and then, it’s good to take a break from New Year’s Resolutions – because they have such a “pass/fail” quality to them. If you’re “resolved,” you either do it or you don’t. So I asked some of the wisest women I know to say what they aspire to this year.

I like aspirations better than resolutions because the definition of success is so different. Aspiration means a strong desire, yearning or aim. And desires, yearnings, and aims are successful in themselves because they keep us moving forward – and who knows what other good experiences we might encounter on the way?

(I also like the medical definition of aspiration: the process or action of drawing in breath. Who can argue with THAT as a good thing to do in 2016?!)

This little statue in Lodi, California, reminded me that a worthy aspiration might be to get a little more “wild abandon” back in life. I realize I might be the only one who's not getting enough wild abandon these days...

Beyond that, what did the wise women say about their aspirations? Here's a sample:

Gain more friends than we lose.

Sing a little every day, even if (or especially if!) no one hears us.

Somehow, find the courage, energy, and determination to rise to the occasion...whatever it is.

Confront  memorabilia  ... Things I have kept that remind me of something special.  As years go by if the “special” factor is diminished or lost -a version of the song from West SideStory becomes  "there's a place for IT." Trash can be too harsh - but I aspire to find the way or the place to "let it go!!."

Be more aware of those around me who need a smile or five minutes of my time.

Be the driver instead of the passenger.

Be fearless. If I could be fearless I might accomplish some of my aspirations.

Give back. Give back.  Give back. 

And more aspirations:

Have the courage to engage in new experiences.

Always remember to tell the people I care about how much I love them and why (friends and family)

Never take for granted the beautiful life we live every day. Know that each day is a gift.

Try not to get upset over little things.

Indulge in dark chocolate.

Have more patience and not let little things upset me.

Be more spontaneous and enjoy every day.

Spend as much time as possible with my children, grandchildren and friends.

Be more grateful and joyful.

Try not to overload myself with "to dos"

Don't be so hard on myself

Learn more and worry less.

Appreciate the moment.

Respect age instead of regretting age.

Shower the people we love with love.

Oh, I do have one actual resolution: To unsubscribe from all the sources of email I don't want. Not a lofty resolution, but a worthwhile one.

Good luck with your aspirations for 2016 – and if you'd like to tell us what they are, please comment here.

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