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Hook, Tinkerbell (OPHELIA), and Tiger Lily get together for Halloween : Looks like a lot of fun! This concludes our Halloween photo gallery. Thank you getting in the spirit!

November 25 2015

Second of two Halloween puppies...CAMERON : Some faces are just perfect for puppy suits.

November 10 2015

AMELIA the Unicorn and ELLIE the Elephant : These girls are ready for the day!  Ellie might be wondering if, when this is all over, that unicorn might turn back into sister Amelia.

November 06 2015

When kids grow up, what will they be (on Halloween)? Ask EMMY and COLTON : From our previous baby lobster to a beautiful skeleton and a whoopee cushion, Halloween does change when grandkids get to choose their own costumes.  

November 05 2015

There's a whole new lobster in the world...HAYES : He looks like he's wondering..."What happened to my nice little feet?"

November 04 2015

Hear CAYDEN roarrrrr! :

November 03 2015

October 14 -- Is a good sense of humor genetic? Ask CAMERON! : A recent scientific study show that it just may be. But in the meantime Cameron and his very funny granddad are just having a great time. Read on to find out what the study showed.  

October 31 2015

October 12 -- OPHELIA celebrates the Broncos' 5-0 season AND her third birthday! : This little grandchild is a big fan! People may say the Broncos offense doesn't have the zip it once had -- but Ophelia doesn't buy it!  

October 14 2015

October 10 and 11 -- KIENAN, DILLON, ALEXIS, and AUSTIN : When our grandchildren go out into the world, they take a little part of us with them.  

October 12 2015

October 9 -- MOLLY and ANNIE : So adorable in their pretty white dresses. A special occasion?  

October 11 2015

October 3, 4 -- Sleepover selfie with Grandma and PAIGE, LUCY, and CHARLIE : Pile on Grandma! who wants to sleep late when you have a fun crew like this at your house?

October 09 2015

October 2 -- Another set of lovely sisters, AMELIA and ELLIE : These little grandgirls are ages five and three, so they hve many years ahead to borrow each other's clothes and share sisterly secrets.  

October 04 2015

Octobe1 -- The gallery continues with the power duo of CLARE and IRENE : These beautiful sisters are lucky to live where they can swim, play soccer, and ski! They also love art and piano.  

October 02 2015

September 28, 29, 30 -- Backlogged on GRANDBABIES : We're back! We've had a small gap in our Gallery of Grandchildren because of a busy business conference, but we'll continue with a grandchild a day for some additional weeks.  

October 01 2015

September 26 -- a grand Grandmother -- would be 99 years old yesterday : We all bring lessons and experiences from the past to our role of being grandparents. It's up to us to choose the best.  

September 27 2015

September 25 -- ALYSON and her new BFF : Experts have some very good advice for introducing a new baby to a pet, but it looks like these two didn't need it. They were instantly simpatico.  

September 26 2015

September 24 -- MAX is now taking in the world with his mom and nana. : Little Max arrived in a dramatic way -- 5-1/2 weeks early.

September 25 2015

September 22 -- Introducing AVERY, when she was brand new : Avery's grandparents raised three boys and now they have a bevy of girl and boy grandchildren. Imagine how much fun those hair bows are to a mom-turned-grandmom who now gets to use them!

September 23 2015

September 21 -- a week of newborns, starting with COLTON : The first time ever I saw your face..." It looks like this grandmother and grandson are already connecting. One of the first things babies like to see is a loving face.

September 22 2015

September 19 -- KAI...and just the beginning of bigger fish to fry : Not sure if this was the first ever catch for Kai, but that's something grandparents often do.

September 20 2015

September 18 -- EMMY enjoying the summer of 2015 : Emmy's lucky grandparents are now up to nine grandchildren, almost equally distributed between boys and girls. Emmy is the second oldest of the pack at age 8.  

September 19 2015

September 17 -- BRENNAN... and grand advice from his grandmother : This photo was taken when Brennan was one month old -- and now he's 12 and 5'8".

September 18 2015

September 16 -- mmmm...MOLLY! : A lifelong love for good, healthy food begins with...what?...blueberries? beets?  

September 17 2015

September 15 -- Little granddaughters grow up! KATY, DEVIN and EMILY with their grandparents' pooches, Zoey and Bernie : It's one of the gifts of grandparenting...the opportunity to watch (and be involved!) as babies become toddlers and then, overnight, teenagers.

September 16 2015

September 14 -- the enchanting ADELE : We've had a burst of grandboys over the past few days, so it's time to share the spotlight with a grandgirl -- and doesn't this lovely little girl say it all about innocence and awe?

September 15 2015

September 13 - HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY to all of you from me and my sugarplum, JACKSON : Remember in the early 1970s when Ram Dass told us to "Be Here Now"?

September 14 2015

September 12 -- Who says summer has to end. Just give HENRY some sunshine and a pool! : Sent in by his grandma, with these words from his mom: "What I love about this photo is his smile and excitement is a great picture for how Henry loves life, loves everyday...

September 13 2015

September 10 -- TATE on the shore of Lake MIchigan and all is right with the world. : Tate's grandad says he modestly thinks this is one of the best photos ever taken. And of course, it is because they were sharing this golden moment.

September 13 2015

September 9 -- JACK and ELLE...members of a growing family! : A whole lot of brotherly love! Jack and Elle are numbers 3 and 4 in a family that's on their way to 9 grandchildren. Grandparents manage to keep up with all of them.

September 10 2015

September 8 -- PETER and CLARK - a new school year : Not so little grandchildren anymore. Suddenly, they're taller than their grandmother.

September 09 2015

September 7 -- What are you doing in there, KIP? : Little Kip -- at 18 months -- was helpling his mom show a friend who wanted to borrow a big steaming pot just how BIG it was. What a helper!

September 08 2015

September 6 -- Another beach beauty: CELIA : Celia (age 9) and her sister, Simone (age 7), our September 5th  featured photo, spent time on the beach this summer and gave their Bama and Zayde some good photo ops!

September 07 2015

September 5-- SIMONE...sand...and surf : Doesn't this typify summer, as we say good-bye to it this weekend? Vacations with grandchildren give us a chance to see them away from all the distractions. Enjoying every minute of it!

September 05 2015

September 4 -- Big sis ISABELLA and brother WELLS : They're having fun with their grandmother at The Choo Choo - a restaurant where burgers are delivered by a little train.

September 05 2015

September 3 -- HARRY and GORDIE : The boys' grandmother says being a grandparent is the greatest...but that doesn't stop us from worrying.  

September 04 2015

September 2 -- Meet little NIYA : Niya was born into an outdoorsy family, so for certain there is skiing, hiking, biking and climbing in her future.  

September 03 2015

September 1 -- LIAM : He looks very cool and intelligent, doesn't he? We'll keep growing our Gallery of Grandchildren throughout the month of September. Scroll down to JACK to find out more.

September 01 2015

Do we love them because they're beautiful? : Or are they beautiful because we love them?  

August 31 2015

Our introductory baby...JACK! Find out how you can participate. : Celebrating Grandparents' Day September 13th with a favorite grandchild photo every day of September. Please send yours.  

August 31 2015

What's so nice about "nice"? :   I have wondered all my life what  makes people so nice. Strangers, I mean. Sales clerks. Servers in restaurants. People on the phone. What is that about?

February 25 2015

Making it Their Business : You may have heard of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and her book and presentations on "Leaning In." There's another women's leadership initiative taking place simultaneously and this one focuses on

May 07 2013

Media Coverage of the Boston Bombings : It's a sad fact of life today that we've all experienced terrorist events from afar. We feel for people in the Middle East for whom explosions are a way of life...

April 16 2013

Culture Whiplash : Just a year ago, Secret Service agents were romancing women of the street in Columbia; now their boss is a woman, Julia Pierson.

March 28 2013

The Mayo Mystique :   Haven’t you always wondered what Mayo doctors know that other doctors don’t? Here's a first-hand account of a complete physical at the revered Mayo Clinic.

January 23 2013

Carmel, California: Where the Cars Bark :   To the tune of "Where the Boys Are" (classic Connie Francis song): "Where the cars bark, someone waits for me..."

January 23 2013

Over the Cliff of Human Heartbreak : It's getting to be that we cringe when we hear words and phrases like massacre, mass shooting, culture of violence, dressed in fatigues, assault rifle, cold-blooded. We've heard them too often.

December 15 2012

To Brave, Defiant Missy : If you've been an IWD member for awhile, you may remember a "Perspective" from a member named Missy who wrote about the FDA's deliberation on the breast c

December 07 2012

A Toast to the Royals : Sometimes the British royal family is so quaint and sometimes so advanced...

December 05 2012

Variety vs. Familiarity :   Some of us really love variety. That's why we need cities with a lot of options for eating and entertainment. We buy new clothes, even when we have plenty to wear.  ..We travel to places we've never been before. We're willing to taste new food, like pig cheeks and goose lips...

December 04 2012

Cure for a Political Hangover :   Now that most of us are bloated with partisanship and over-satiated with genetically engineered messaging, hormone-infused negative ads, and saturated facts, we can finally call this election season “OVER”. Hopefully, we still have some appetite for optimism and maybe even a few spoonfuls of cooperation. Are there bright sides?

November 08 2012

How each of us can reform our own Health Care : While both sides of the Presidential campaign debate whose ideas about Health Care Reform have more merit, the public is being

September 15 2012

Starbucks...Before and After : I'm a big Starbucks fan -- grande iced tea, 3/4 green, 1/4 black, no sweetener, no water. Not only for their tea but for the sense of community they've brought to corners everywhere.

August 08 2012

Stroking Those Olympic Dreams : After watching a recap of Olympics highlights this morning, I hurried to the health club to swim a few laps. Inspired? Perhaps, although I try to swim twice a week no matter what. But today, I WAS inspired to reach a little further, kick a little harder and come up for air a little less often...

August 03 2012

Penn State Will Rise Again : I was never a Penn State fan before. If you referred to "JoePa," I would have said "who?" If you asked me who was the college coach with the most victories, I wouldn't have had a clue...

July 31 2012

Some Things about Hillary Clinton You Might Not Know :   One of the painful things about being a diplomat must be the slow pace of progress, the tiny steps that must be taken to solve a problem or avoid a crisis. Take, as an example, the recent headline-making news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had just recently apologized to Pakistan about the drone attack that unintentionally killed 24 Pakistani soldiers eight months ago (November 2011)...

July 12 2012

Ode to a Dandelion : Dandelions have special meaning for me. Not because  when I was a little girl, I sometimes picked them and gave a bouquet to my mother as all little kids do – which I did, because they were plentiful and accessible. (And free, of course) Not because, when they reached that wispy stage in their life cycle, we all liked making a wish, giving a big puff, and watching them float off to make hundreds of other dandelions. What made dandelions special to me...

May 01 2012

Looking back on the response to a riot : Probably most of us have never been to the University of Kentucky. Maybe we’ve never been to Louisville. But we were given an eyeful after Kentucky won the NCAA championship in April.

April 18 2012

All Kinds of Courage : Report from the 2012 International Women of Courage Awards

April 04 2012

Lessons We Learn at the Dog Park : I’m pretty sure that last week's homepage photo of the sleeping puppy Bo generated many “awwwwws.” Bo is the new friend of our web site designers, Karen and Derek.

March 26 2012

Reflections on 9/11 : On the clear, crisp day that was September 11, 2001, I dropped my car at the local service station and then began the 10-block walk home with my dog.

September 11 2011

Report from 2011 International Women of Courage Awards, Washington, D.C. : "Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining in our house."  

March 09 2011