How IWD Works

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Privileges of Members

Once you join IWD by using your e-mail address as your username and a password you create, you can easily log-in when you visit the site. That gives you access to all the functions and features. (Guests can read all material on the site but need to join to comment, suggest topics, recommend books, etc.)


Any comment or response you submit to IWD is posted with a number that is yours and yours alone.  You don't have to remember it - just click the comment button, log in, and respond. No one – not even other IWD members -- ever sees your e-mail address.


Dialogue on Main Topics

  • IWD will present a major New Topic on the homepage. Members receive a brief e-mail announcing the topic. (Topics are presented on a weekly cycle so you can answer immediately or anytime within that cycle. We use a weekly cycle because IWD does not complete with daily news sources. Our dialogue focuses on topics about which you may already know something and about which you're forming impressions.)

  • Current Topic also appears on the homepage. It was previously introduced as a "New Topic," members have commented, and it now has a running dialogue. You are invited to send in comments about either of those topics - expressing your perspective or contributing some information you've learned. Your original insights are appreciated, of course, but it’s also fine to send in quotes or facts from another source. When there’s a web site with relevant information, include that link in your comment.

  • The comments are organized and posted on the IWD web site. Then you can comment on those comments... and so on. Previous topics remain active, so the dialogue can continue and you can follow developments over time. (Under Recent Dialogue Activity, we'll highlight which topics have newly updated comments.)

  • You're free to join in on whatever topics interest you. With some, you may have a lot to say; with others, you may enjoy just reading the comments. (But we encourage you to join in - once people comment, they usually continue.)

  • IWD supplements information with details learned through additional research.

  • We also invite you to Suggest a Topic so we can cover those most important to YOU.

  • Unlike blogs – this material comes from you and other members, not from one author. Unlike typical discussion sites, this dialogue is organized and won’t be hijacked and taken on tangents.


Weigh-Ins are specific topics that usually invite a more top-of-mind response. Each week’s homepage feature a New Weigh-In and results from the Previous Weigh-In. When you weigh-in on this week’s New Weigh In – your responses and others will be posted next week under Previous Weigh-In.


Additional Features are described on the homepage under the drop down menu on the Features tab. We especially encourage you to take advantage of Open Air – a section where you can ask any question or comment on anything at all. Tell us what’s on your mind.

How to Comment

As you read through a dialogue, there are two places to click to comment. First, a red tab appears along the left side of your screen. Click it and a comment box will open. When you’ve typed in your comment, click the “Submit” button. If you change your mind about commenting, click the red tab and the box will disappear.  Second, a “Click to Comment” message appears at intervals throughout the dialogue.


Features with comment tabs include Weigh-Ins, Book Recommendations, Who’s Worth Watching, and Open Air.


If you would like to respond to anything you read in Perspectives, Interviews, Been There/Done That, or Founder’s Wall, please contact us at We also encourage you to use this link to tell us about a Been There/Done That experience of your own and we’ll contact you to get more details.

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