Marion Gellatly, Certified Image Master

Introduced: March 27 2012

Marion Gellatly Is featured from time to time on IWD as a Certified Image Master and founder of Powerful Presence. Since founding Powerful Presence in 1991, Marion has consulted and trained men and women executives, sales teams, marketing professionals, customer care groups, engineers and business owners all across the U.S. Powerful Presence focuses on three outcomes: image awareness, individual improvement, and person power.

Marion says, “Most women can identify their 'problem zones' in thirty seconds or less. They know where their figure challenges are.  They know what parts of their body they try to hide. But they’re often at a loss about their best features and favorite parts. If you can’t identify it, how can you make the most of it?”

In this interview, Marion comments on fashion trends that can be embraced and those that are best left behind. Visit Marion's web site to see all the exciting classes she offers.

Trends to Be Aware of and Beware of This Season.

Be aware that there’s a floral print explosion going on for this season. If you’re a minimalist, choose a solid-colored dress that has only one or two discreet flowers adorning it. Floral prints can be very colorful or they can be more simple in neutral colors like café au lait and white. You take control. Floral can border a hem on a dress or you can mix it all up and wear it from head to toe in a blouse, jacket and pant.

Be aware of beautiful color choices this season starting with bright, energetic and optimistic hues. Tangerine orange is this season’s showstopper followed by lemon yellow, cherry red, and many shades of green. Opting for something a bit toned down, check out this season’s pastels of lilac, chalky pink, mint green and baby blue. White also is a great staple in crisp tailored tops or eyelet lace dresses. Feeling more classic? There’s plenty of black and the combination of black and white is a great theme for spring.

Beware of the bra as outerwear. The bra went from underwear to an actual focal point of an outfit in several runway shows. The bra was peeking through sheer tops or worn as a standalone garment with a high waisted skirt or pant. This look works best in a magazine ad with a lot of airbrushing. Avoid!

Beware of sportswear items being sanctioned for day or eveningwear. This season’s nod to jock fashion is just too far out for most people. Pretend you never saw it. Wear your sports clothes while playing sports and don’t try to turn them into high fashion. Heels with football jerseys or track pants won’t make street sense.

Be aware that all skirt and dress lengths are a go! No matter what length you settle on you won’t be worrying about whether it’s current or not. From mini to mid-knee, or from mid-calf to floor length, it’s all in fashion this spring/summer. Wear your most flattering length and feel confident!

Beware that embroidery or macramé are great details to enjoy this spring. However this might be best left to teens and youthful girls. If you wore this trend back in the 70’s consider enjoying it once again in small doses like details in handbags or shoes.