International or Domestic Terrorism?

Introduced: April 16 2013

Which would anger you and alarm you more? With no answer yet to the Boston Marathon bombing, we are left to speculate about the heinous motivation for this crime. What, in your opinion, is the worst scenario -- the continuing hatred of people across oceans from  us -- or the increasingly violent acting-out of radical-thinking Americans?

 Note From IWD: "Weigh-Ins" are no longer an active feature on IWD. Our members expressed a preference for longer dialogues. The content of the previous Weigh-Ins remains on the site for your enjoyment and enlightenment. 

Member Responses

The responses to this weigh-in were evenly divided. About the same percentage of you felt that domestic terrorism is more of a worry as those of you who said international terrorists worry you more.


The reaons you gave include:

  • Harder to identify "home-grown" terrorists because they don't raise as many red flags.
  • Growing concern that people take domestic issues to violent extremes.

Many people who feel foreign terrorists pose a greater threat said:

  • Terrorists based in another country raise the spector of retaliation, requiring a response from U.S. to try to deter others from doing something similar.

Note from IWD: After reading some of these comments and doing research, it is startling to learn how many terrorist incidents there are that don't make the front page. Here's a report on domestic and international terrorism (published in 2011) that tracks 40 years of terrorism.


Other comments resulting from the Boston Marathon bombings:

Although I haven't heard the news media say much about this, I find it particularly sad that we gave this terrorist's family asylum when they were afraid to stay in their own country.  But within a few years, they decided they "didn't like" our country either. We don't need to keep taking in people like that.


Religious radicalism is blamed for turning the older brother into a terrorist -- but it also appears he was kept from participating in the Golden Gloves because only U.S. citizens can compete. It's difficult to follow where a sick person's mind leads, but could this be a really, really bad case of sour grapes?