Like Interviews, Perspectives come from people who know something we might not know and who contribute their knowledge to IWD by writing about it.

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Health Benefits of Female Friendships :   IWD member Patsy lives in Illinois and keeps in touch with friends who live all over the country. Professionally, she is a speech pathologist who works with children who have speech and language disorders, many of whom are also considered "at risk" because of their family's economic situation. She's written this Perspective, based on a class that is taught at Stanford University, to remind us that spending time with friends is not wasting time.

November 07 2012

Making your vote count :   IWD Member Linda comments on how a little preparation can make voting a more satisfying experience. If you've ever walked into a voting booth and stared at alot of names that mean nothing to you, this brief guide to knowing the issues and knowing the candidates could make a difference.

November 01 2012

Do Mix Dinner and Politics! :   Do Mix Dinner and Politics: Or How to Engage Diverse Opinions, Learn Something and Have Fun at your Next Dinner Party Here's a new look at the old advice that the way to keep friends and be polite is to avoid talking about politics and religion. IWD member Sandra Baer offers four tips -- and she hopes you'll use them to ignore that old advice.

September 30 2012

World Hunger : IWD Member Alyson offers her perspective on hunger as it exists in our own neighborhoods -- and around the world to the crisis in the horn of Africa.

December 06 2011

FDA Decision on Avastin : By IWD Member, Missy: Recently there was an editorial in The Wall Street Journal regarding a drug called Avastin. This is a cancer drug that I am very interested in seeing re-approved for women with metastatic breast cancer

August 01 2011