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To Brave, Defiant Missy

Introduced: December 08 2012

If you've been an IWD member for awhile, you may remember a "Perspective" from a member named Missy who wrote about the FDA's deliberation on the breast cancer drug Avastin. (You can also read it now. ) I don't believe Missy's treatment was dependent on Avastin, but she empathized and expressed support for other women who believed Avastin could lengthen their life.


Missy's own drug regimen and treatment routine were extensive, long-running and, at times, grueling. She and her wonderful husband Sam made a formidable team against breast cancer, and she found a way to accept every new diagnosis or side effect and go on enjoying life. As recently as Halloween 2012, she was dressed like a witch and trick-or-treating with her grandchildren. But on December 6, Missy passed away.


And what do red boots have to do with the life and the loss of a wonderful woman? During her many years of treatment, Missy adopted RED SHOES as a symbol for her spirit. And I think to wear red shoes, you need to be confident and bold and optimistic and irrepressible and sassy -- and maybe a little defiant. Missy was all of those things. So in honor of her strength and her love of life, I dedicate these bright red boots to her!