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Carmel, California: Where the Cars Bark

Introduced: January 23 2013


To the tune of "Where the Boys Are" (classic Connie Francis song): "Where the cars bark, someone waits for me..."

That someone who waits for me is Bella... the10-year old former Humane Society dog who gets to travel with me to California each year..If you come back as a dog, request Carmet, California. Known for the greatest dog beach anywhere, where dogs romp leash-less, Carmel offers another tradition. With it's temperate climate, dogs can ride along almost anywhere and wait in the car. Not too hot, not too cold.


I discovered that early on and established a format where Bella waits in the car while I dine in Carmel and then we take the last walk of the night in town. And when we do, almost every other car we pass barks at us. A lot of dogs waiting in a lot of cars while a lot of owners eat.