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Cure for a Political Hangover

Introduced: November 08 2012


Now that most of us are bloated with partisanship and over-satiated with genetically engineered messaging, hormone-infused negative ads, and saturated facts, we can finally call this election season “OVER”. Hopefully, we still have some appetite for optimism and maybe even a few spoonfuls of cooperation. Are there bright sides?


Women played a role in the decision.  Whatever your views on some of the key issues related to woman, at least now people may be listening.


There will be a record number of women in the Senate -- the Republicans adding one new female Senator (from Nebraska), the Democrats adding four (from Massachusetts, Wisconsin, North Dakota). As many as five new women senators are set to join the upper chamber – four of them Democrats in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Hawaii. We're inching our way up to more equal representation. Actually one-third of the Democratic caucus will be women going forward. And IWD will keep an eye on them in Who's Worth Watching. 


And how about New Hampshire? All five of the top elected officials are women!


Another reason for optimism -- maybe our politicians will take a new look at cooperation, negotiation, and compromise. Afterall, when did "stubborn" become confused with "strong"? The test will come as we approach the ever intimidating "fiscal cliff" -- which is the new topic for IWD: Are you willing to give up something and give in somewhere to solve the deficit crisis?