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How each of us can reform our own Health Care

Introduced: September 15 2012

While both sides of the Presidential campaign debate whose ideas about Health Care Reform have more merit, the public is being offered some wise and practical advice from physicians and other experts about reducing health care costs.


A report issued by the Institute of Medicine estimates that as much as $750 billion is wasted annually on health care.  The report identifies six major areas of waste: unnecessary services ($210 billion annually); inefficient delivery of care ($130 billion); excess administrative costs ($190 billion); inflated prices ($105 billion); prevention failures ($55 billion); and fraud ($75 billion).  


The area where each of us can take action on our own is in that leading cost of unnecessary practices, but of course, we need guidance in this. One source of information is the “Choosing Wisely” program.This initiative was started when the National Physicians Alliance, through a grant from the ABIM Foundation (American Board of Internal Medicine), focused on three specialties – internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics – and created lists of steps physicians could take in their practices to promote the more effective use of health care resources. Since then, lists of that should be questioned have been developed and published by nine medical societies (five tests on each of their lists), including allergy, cardiology, radiology, oncology, nephrology and others. 


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