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Lessons We Learn at the Dog Park

Introduced: March 27 2012

I’m pretty sure that last week's homepage photo of the sleeping puppy Bo generated many “awwwwws.” Bo is the new friend of our web site designers, Karen and Derek. Several of you sent comments about the bond between dogs and humans – and one member let us know about an organization that helps abandoned pets. See “Open Air”  I feel inspired to offer a story of my own. Dogs are a lot of work, but they do teach us lessons and I learned one the other day at the dog park. Picture this: Beautiful day…park filled with dogs and their humans…man standing in the middle of a group holding an open and visible treat bag. (A dog park no-no) Dogs get the scent and start circling around…man talking and doesn’t notice…several dogs sit patiently with appealing looks on their faces…no response from man...cheeky yellow lab approaches from the rear and pokes man in backside…cheeky yellow lab gets treat.