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Media Coverage of the Boston Bombings

Introduced: April 17 2013

It's a sad fact of life today that we've all experienced terrorist events from afar. We feel for people in the Middle East for whom explosions are a way of life... And when terrorist events have happened closer to home, our shock and grief is event stronger. It's hard to pull ourselves away from news reports as details unfold and are repeated. The horror affects our lives, too. And now the Boston Marathon bombings have captured our attention. No answers yet. We don't know whom to rage against. And while we wait to know -- will we ever know?? -- the media whips up our fear. I know they have a job to do. But what I fear is that by their sensational coverage, they actually fulfill the bomber's mission. With statements like "Fear has swept across the country and nothing will be the same again." Photo after photo of serious injuries -- no regard to the privacy of those people, showing them in probably the worst moment of their lives.


A psychologist speaking on CNN said, whether this is political or the act of a single deranged individual, there is a common thread -- a person who does this wants to disrupt lives. A bomb is a statement based on rage and anger. An attempt to control people by keeping them afraid.


I also don't like it when reporters say, "These bombs are easy to make, difficult to detect, and cause horrendous damage." Then they describe pressure cookers and how they work. Come on!!! Why would we want to publicize that?!!


Now that a few days have passed, the American people have given the media something else to cover -- stories of courage, proclamations of unity and strength, the Yankees singing the Red Sox theme song, the resilient spirit of a city. Now, that's more like it!


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