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Over the Cliff of Human Heartbreak

Introduced: December 16 2012

It's getting to be that we cringe when we hear words and phrases like massacre, mass shooting, culture of violence, dressed in fatigues, assault rifle, cold-blooded. We've heard them too often. It feels like repeated torture. They have become a cliche because they've been overused.  And they're overused because we keep on needing them and we've run out of ways to describe the horror and heartbreak we feel. We've almost stopped being shocked.


Thinking about the recent shooting in the Connecticut school -- and how can we NOT think about it? -- it's hard not to notice all the things that didn't happen that might have prevented the gunman succeeding. He had some mental disorders that weren't under control. He found a way to get ahold of guns. The school security system didn't keep him out. The gun didn't jam (as it did with the person who shot shoppers in the Oregon mall). But the most chilling "didn't happen" is that when he actually came to face to face with the little children, where was the humanity inside him that said, "This is too awful. I can't do it."



It seems that in America, we don't really need to look to jihad to provide us with terrorists. We have created our own: lunatics with guns.


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