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Penn State Will Rise Again

Introduced: August 01 2012

I was never a Penn State fan before. If you referred to "JoePa," I would have said "who?" If you asked me who was the college coach with the most victories, I wouldn't have had a clue...

I only started paying attention to Penn State football when the Sandusky scandal broke, so my impressions were negative. If Penn State hadn't been harshly penalized for neglecting to protect young boys from Sandusky, I would have cried "foul." The NCAA had to send a message to any other team that lets their culture run amok. 

I abhor the crimes committed at Penn State and then covered up. But the people who committed them are gone, gone, gone. What remains is young college athletes who had nothing to do with Sandusky and a new coach who left professional football to try to pick up Penn State's pieces. And I'm rooting for them.

As we said last week in the dialogue "Shame on Penn State," there's more to Penn State than football (see Note from IWD that follows comment from Member 296, posted 7/25/12 ), even if all of that was overshadowed by football fanaticism. Now Penn State has the opportunity to re-invent itself and I'm hoping they won't let us down.

I hope Penn State's football players decide to stay. I hope they play their hearts out and win a lot of games. I hope they serve as a model of fair, ethical, and successful college sports. I hope Penn State rises again. I support the NEW  Penn State. I think it would be great if Penn State could tap into a groundswell of support -- maybe even some financial support -- so players know going forward that there's a new day and everything they are and everything they become is now up to them.

If you'd like a t-shirt that says "I support the NEW Penn State," contact us here and we'll see what we can do.