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Reflections on 9/11

Introduced: September 11 2011

On the clear, crisp day that was September 11, 2001, I dropped my car at the local service station and then began the 10-block walk home with my dog. For the first time ever (and, in fact, the only time because I’ve never done it since…), I had brought along a Walkman CD player, intending to listen to a CD of a Deepak Chopra book. I turned it on and hadn’t yet inserted the CD when the radio announcer said that a small plane had hit a skyscraper in New York. I turned around and hurried the block-and-a-half back to the service station that had a TV in its lobby. There, surrounded by a small cluster of people I didn’t know, I saw the second plane hit the second tower.


Do you remember the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what would happen next? There were still planes in the air…would other targets be hit? (And, of course, two more were.) Was this the beginning of something huge? (And, of course, it was.)


My oldest son worked in Chicago’s AT&T building across the street from the Sears Tower.  He’d been evacuated and called me from his car driving north to Wrigleyville where he lived. My middle son was living on Cape Cod, not far from where the jets were scrambled at Otis Air Force Base. A month later, he moved back to Chicago because we felt, after 9/11, he was just “too far away.”


Small consequences, compared to what others experienced, but everybody’s world changed in some way.