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September 17 -- BRENNAN... and grand advice from his grandmother

Introduced: September 18 2015

This photo was taken when Brennan was one month old -- and now he's 12 and 5'8". His wise grandmother -- of two more besides Brennan -- posted a response on my facebook page (Cheryl Harbour) and it's worth passing along.


In Jill's words: "I worked hard to be a good mother. It was not super natural or easy for me. I think I did a good job as evidenced by my kids and what great parents they turned out to be.
But, I am a great grandmother! Our philosophy is to spend qualit
y time with our grandkids and to try to give them a wide range of adventures. They know exactly what we expect of them and they have risen to those expectations. We expect good behavior, good manners, respect, always do your best, try new things, treat others the way you want to be treated, be kind and caring for people, animals and the environment, learn something new every day."

"When I call them, I ask what they learned the past two days! They always know what I will ask them! I tell them not to waste a day by not learning something new? Sometimes, it is not fun stuff, but all part of life's adventure. Oh another big one is, never give up!"