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September 25 -- ALYSON and her new BFF

Introduced: September 27 2015

Experts have some very good advice for introducing a new baby to a pet, but it looks like these two didn't need it. They were instantly simpatico.


This photo makes me think of Christmas cards that sometimes have "the lion lying down with the lamb" -- although Li'l Bits doesn't seem much like the lion type.


By the way, the experts' advice includes such things as giving your pet a "spa day" before the baby comes home -- shampoo, nail trim, etc. -- and making sure the pet is up to date on immunizations. Also, catching up on whatever training may have lapsed. For example, it's a good time to teach your pet how to sit quietly by your side before being invited to come up on your lap. (Don't try this with's futile.) People who want to take this extra step can bring something with the baby's scent on it home from the hospital before the baby comes home.  I think it also helps to have a really loving relationship with your pet and letting the animal know he or she is still loved.