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September 26 -- a grand Grandmother -- would be 99 years old yesterday

Introduced: September 28 2015

We all bring lessons and experiences from the past to our role of being grandparents. It's up to us to choose the best.


As we go through the month of September (remember, it all started because September 13 was Grandparents Day?), I can't help but pause on the occasion of the birthday of my kids' grandmother to give her a little credit. She lived to be 94 and would have turned 99 on September 25, 2015. Forgive me a little sentimentality.


As grandparents, we get to choose what we will make of the experience. Will we be hands-on or will we stay on the sidelines? Will we love this child long distance or be up close and personal? Will a little grandparenting go a long way or will we never be able to get enough? Will we be the big, soft lap kind of grandparent, always ready to listen, a shoulder to cry on? Will we be a "memorable moments" grandparent with tickets to Disney World or Broadway? The truth is, each of us is our own unique brand of grandparent -- a blend of who we already were when our grandchild was born and the person we become with the new experiences and emotions being a grandparent brings.