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Stroking Those Olympic Dreams

Introduced: August 03 2012

After watching a recap of Olympics highlights this morning, I hurried to the health club to swim a few laps. Inspired? Perhaps, although I try to swim twice a week no matter what. But today, I WAS inspired to reach a little further, kick a little harder and come up for air a little less often... Swimming laps is great thinking time and this morning, I was remembering back to my West Park Swim team. My wingspan and size 10 feet (natural flippers) were a competitive advantage, so my swim coach advised my parents I should begin working toward the Olympics. I imagine there were hundreds of little girls across the country winning blue ribbons at the local level whose swim coaches thought they "had what it takes," so I don't have delusions of glory. 

My parents looked into it -- the years of dedication, the sacrifice of "normal life" (Girl Scouts, family vacations, church summer camp, etc.) and decided it was too much. So, like so many others, I watch the  Olympics with a sense of wonder. The highs and lows, the thrills and heartbreaks of individual athletes but also the spectacle of all those beautiful, healthy specimens of humanity from all over the world -- doing the impossible: getting along! Why can't life be more like the Olympics?!