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A Toast to the Royals

Introduced: December 06 2012

Sometimes the British royal family is so quaint and sometimes so advanced... Last February, a move was started to change the succession law to make it equally possible for a male heir or a female heir to ascend to the throne.


Everyone agreed. After all, this year they celebrated 60 years of having a female ruler who, by almost all acounts, has done a jolly good job. But then the actual legislative process stalled. Now Parliament will need to hasten things up to have the change in place before William and Kate have their baby (or babies -- current speculation about twins is running high).


It must all be done properly, you know. With the law merely halfway done, arguments after the fact could arise. If Kate and William's first is a girl and second is a boy, the little brother could argue that the law wasn't on the ledger when his sister was born. The British hate a mess. So, luckily, they have the remainder of the pregnancy to tie up loose ends.