The Best and the Worst of Broadcast News Journalism

Introduced: September 30 2011

What TV or Radio news show/host do you turn to for news and commentary?

Who turns you off? (Who have you heard MORE than enough from?)


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Member Responses

Comments posted week of October 25, 2011

188: Who do I turn to? I've slowly weaned myself from the murder and mayhem on the local news. At this point, I get the 2 minute headlines from the Today Show at the top of the hour, I learn something from 60 Minutes and for their wit & intelligence, their take on the world (which yes, agrees with mine) and for the laughs, I tune into The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. The "regular" news and pundits provide much fodder for those guys.


Who turns me off? (Who have I heard MORE than enough from?) Anyone who uses hate, fear and ignorance to fuel their stories and side of things.


031: Who do I turn to? I am a "sole source" consumer. I listen/watch Public Broadcasting News Services EXCLUSIVELY. Who turns me off? Other news reporters/commentators seem polemic, dogmatic, discourteous, and use a tone of voice that is double the decibel level needed to communicate i.e., they shout at the microphone/camera. I've stopped listening.


Summary of responses October 6, 2011

Favorite news shows/hosts are:

     Diane Sawyer (NBC Nightly News)

     Dennis Prager (columnist and talk show host)

     Charlie Rose (Brunch with Charlie Rose on Sunday morning Bloomberg Radio)

     “I miss Jim Lehrer on PBS News Hour”

     Mark Shields and David Brooks

     CBS Sunday Morning

     20/20 (ABC)

     Nightline (ABC)

     Fox News

     Bill O’Reilly (Fox)

     Ben Stein commentary is “witty and equal”

     Bob Schieffer (CBS Face the Nation)

     Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

     Neil Cavuto, Bret Baer, Great Van Susteran, Shepard Smith (Fox)

     Piers Morgan (CNN)

     Wolf Blitzer (CNN)


Least favorite shows/hosts are:     

     Bill Maher

     Chris Mathews

     James Carville as “talking head”

     Rachel Maddow

     Chris Matthews

     Brian Williams

     Anderson Cooper (CNN) is the person IWD members named most as “favorite” AND “least favorite.”