Donald Trump as a Presidential Candidate

Introduced: April 18 2011

What do you think of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate?

Would you like to see him enter the race?

Would you vote for him?

What do you think he would add to the Republican Party?


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Member Responses

Responses posted April 25, 2011:


081: Charles Krauthammer comment on Trump's candidacy - "He's not a candidate, he's a spectacle.  He's also not a conservative.  With a wink and smile, Muhammad Ali showed that self-promoting obnoxiousness could be charming.  Trump shows that it is merely vulgar...."

I don't always agree with Krauthammer but in my opinion he was right here.


069: No matter what I read or hear on TV I can't take The Donald seriously on any level. News cycle must be terribly slow.


091: Donald Trump is a scary joke---I hope.  Perhaps he will make any other Republican candidate look good!


050: On a Fox News radio interview, Ann Coulter said she was happy that Trump “froze the field of the other weak Republican candidates.” She said he also proved that “you can be hard on ‘Angel Obama’ and it plays well with the American public.”


033: Donald trump IS a joke, but he can’t TAKE a joke. Did you see his face during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner? – very solemn, very sour! Then he reacted in a typically Donald Trump way: He said, “Seth Meyers is no good. He isn’t funny.”


105: Donald Trump said he’s very proud of being the one to force President Obama to produce his birth certificate. But I think that whole discussion was an embarrassment to American politics and American culture.