Sarah Palin: will she run for president?

Introduced: June 07 2011

1. Will she run for President? -- yes or no

2. If she runs, would you vote for her? -- yes or no

3. What's the one word you'd use to describe her?


And if you care to elaborate -- what impact do you think she has had on American politics?


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Member Responses

Comments posted week of June 13, 2011


The Tally:

Will She Run?   58% Yes; 42% No

Would you vote for her?   14% Yes; 86% no


035: She is Michele Bachmann, only with some personality.


095: She's a great fundraiser & a decent speaker but doesn't say much of substance. I heard her in Denver last summer and she spoke mostly about what she doesn't like about Obama instead of using the platform to discuss her innovative ideas.... Leading me to think that perhaps she doesn't have any.

She is, however, fun to watch so she creates a lot of commotion and interest wherever she goes.


047: She certainly is different from most politicians, not cut from the same cloth as the run of the mill gals and guys that we see on both sides.  I always view her in a negative light and I am not sure why.  She has to be intelligent  but when she talks she sounds childlike. It is as if she is unschooled in the political world of America. I always seam to hear buzz from her and not content.  Maybe I just don't like her persona and shut down and don't listen, I will pay attention to what I hear from her next time.


074: Sarah Palin is a bright, articulate woman who brings critical issues to the attention of the American people.  I respect her and appreciate and agree with her viewpoints but don't see her as our next President.


161: Deciding about Sarah Pahlin in the context of “women running for office” has been a challenge for me. My first instinct was to be appalled that with all the women who have worked their way into positions by being solid, well-informed, patient, and working twice as hard as most men – she was sliding into prominence by being sassy, flirty, and pretty. Then it started to make me angry that other people were discounting her for those very same reasons. She has made me remember that quality people come in all packages: whether or not she has any or all of the qualities of a leader, it has nothing to do with the way she looks.


068: I think she has made divisions between the Republican and Democratic parties even bigger. She is not a uniter... she is a divider. Hats off to her in the branding department, though... like failed presidential candidates Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, Palin has built a brand that will continue regardless of her Washington DC fortunes. But Palin is all flash and no substance.... a dangerous cocktail for the Oval Office.


066: Palin does appeal to a segment of the population that is frustrated by the current administration.  Her rhetoric is inflammatory with no solutions. Unfortunately that has led to some people believing her.


030: Sarah Palin represents what is wrong with the political process in our country - driven by media exposure. She was, is, and will be the example of a person who should never be given recognition as a potential national leader. The world is too complex to be used as a training ground for a glib media darling that fills reporters’ need for a story. Just try and picture her at the head of the table in the White House 'Situation Room' in a crucial 'situation'.  Put Hillary or Romney in the same chair for comparison.


When could experience matter more?  Forget the public stage with  a canned speech that is focused on specific philosophy of a specific group of supporters. That rhetoric is not for a global stage. If all she has to do is lead a certain segment of people she would be suited - but that is not the world we live in. China to Mid East to unemployment to energy to environment to education to health to immigration to terrorist and back to China. And that is probably one day on the job...without a teleprompter.


She is a local politician who was given a national podium in a last ditch effort to beat another local  inexperienced candidate who had the media in a frenzy of  coverage and promotion.  Headline copy rather than substance. How about a Clinton/Romney debate of substance and experience rather than sound bites and photo ops via Obama/Palin.


Answer to question - Palin would be bottom of list for me - where she was when she prevented this life long Republican from voting for my party.  I am now an Independent and will remain just that. If the parties continue as they are I will be casting a lot of write-in ballots for candidates who have the right stuff to lead USA in our children's grandchildren’s future.


 084: She will immeasurably contribute to the public view of politics as bad improvisation done by people who never made it at Second City.


067: She has been preparing since the last presidential election results came in.  I have a very DIVERSE, opinionated, vocal, passionate family. At a recent graduation where half of us were present, Sarah Palin came up.  I LOVE these people and COULD NOT believe how many of them thought she was wonderful.  I crossed myself and was grateful that the OTHER half was not present!


I would certainly not vote for her. I believe that the present precarious state of our country should require us to only consider responsible, credible, intelligent  people who truly are interested in getting us out of this terrifying economic quagmire. (sorry I know that's a loaded statement) In my opinion, she does not have those qualities.  


If she does run we may have to reconsider family holidays. 


069: Frankly, she is poison for the GOP and women in politics.


187: She will go down in history as someone who stirred things up and made us think – especially about the overlap between leadership and celebrity. Maybe we really needed this  to recognize what a powerful force the media is and how all of our impressions are influenced by what we see of people in their most public personas. Sometimes self-created. -- and sometimes exposed by the media, as in the case of men like Weiner.  I’d rather have someone who couldn’t exactly remember Paul Revere than someone who sends texts to 17-year-old girls.  But, hopefully, those aren’t the only choices.


I’m not a big fan, but I think the Paul Revere comment was blown out of proportion  by a media that really doesn’t like her anyway. Yes, history is important, and it’s hard for those of us who don’t have to answer thousands of questions on the spot to think a mistake like that should never happen. So maybe we don’t want this person as President, but I think she can still  contribute to political discussion in a valuable way that makes us think.


Words members used to describe Sarah Palin: