The Unconventional Campaign of Herman Cain

Introduced: January 11 2012

When Herman Cain was in the race to become the Republican candidate, he kept things interesting with his consistent messages ("9-9-9") and his controversial style. What did you think about him before the charges of sexual harassment -- and did your opinion change?


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Member Responses

069: I read in USA Today, Tuesday, Nov. 2, that Herman Cain had admitted being accused of sexual harassment. This came out belatedly. This will eliminate Mr. Cain as a viable candidate, in my opinion, for two reasons:

1. There was more than one incident and both claimants received financial settlements. Yet, according to USA Today, Cain claimed he was unaware of the settlement but was sure it wasn't much. Is it just me or does this sound like someone dissembling the truth?

2. Clearly Cain mishandled this crisis in his political quest. He lacked good political advisors and good political instincts and sadly, the integrity to face the music immediately. As the article stated it was amateur politics. It was, but the lack of honest forthright answers was worse.  Mr. Cain, in my opinion, will lose his appeal in the polls rather quickly.


091: Herman Cain:  interesting and perhaps my choice as a VP.  9-9-9- is too simplistic but catchy and perhaps much of our electorate is simplistic too.


114: Herman Cain is running such an unconventional campaign and with the latest news of alleged sexual harassment cases, it's difficult to get back to the basics of the campaign.  His 9/9/9 plan is questionable as it appears to be too open ended on the surface.  He is apparently a Black conservative and that will not resonate well with liberals and it could become a race issue on different levels.  His campaign manager blatantly smoking in an election ad was outrageous.  What were they thinking?  We certainly need to witness debates without all of the in-fighting in order to take anyone seriously for a presidential nomination.  I for one want to hear more about the economy, jobs, budget, homeland security, immigration, health-care, the on-going wars, assistance for all our wounded service people, etc.  I'm tired to watching all the bickering.


089: The discussions  and denials about the accusations of sexual harrassment – including Cain’s big joke about Anita Hill (saying maybe SHE’d come forward next )– show that some people still think it’s all a big joke. He is either getting some verrry bad advice  or he is totally out of touch.


048: As Herman Cain fell, Newt Gingrich rose. Who would expect a comeback from Newt!???