Will Women Save the U.S. Economy?

Introduced: December 30 2012


The “Sage of Omaha,” Warren Buffet – bless his heart – wants the U.S. to harness the full potential of women. Please read and comment.


Here’s the link to an article about Buffet’s recent interview with Melinda Gates where he explains why he thinks women will save the U.S. economy




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Member Responses

Yes. Women not only have talents that can be tapped, but they make most of the buying decisions.


It's encouraging that someone like Warren Buffet believes in women. Thank goodness he had sisters. I remembered hearing that small business ownership by women is growing and thought that might be encouraging. But after a little poking around, I found that women's small businesses tend not to receive the funding or support that male-owned small businesses do.

Note from IWD: This member is correct. According to a Reuters article quoting Hedy Ratner, who started the Women’s Business Development Center in Chicago 25 years ago, men are more likely to own a business that brings in $1 million in revenue. The reason, she said, is that women tend to start service-related companies that have a hard time attracting the funding needed to grow into larger businesses.


I honestly believe women's time has come. It's a generational thing and there are now enough women in the top ranks of organizations that they can serve as  mentors and champions to other women.



Warren Buffet -- what a sweetheart. Hope he's right.


I thought it was interesting that in President Obama's inauguration speech, he mentioned that we can progress as a country until "wives, mothers, and daughters are paid equally," but that wasn't the line that was quoted most. The line quoted most was about gays treated equally.