Will you vote? When did you make up your mind?

Introduced: October 16 2012

The election is just days away. Will you vote? When did you make up your mind?


Note From IWD: "Weigh-Ins" are no longer an active feature on IWD. Our members expressed a preference for longer dialogues. The content of the previous Weigh-Ins remains on the site for your enjoyment and enlightenment. 

Member Responses

Here are the results of the Weigh-In on your voting inclinations following the first debate:

100% of IWD members responding said they intend to vote.

(In describing their current state of mind, respondents chose only one option that described them best.)

59% said they are voting along party lines, as a committed Republican or Democrat.

10% said they made up their mind when Mitt Romney became the Republican candidate.

0% said their mind was made up by either convention.

9% said they decided who to vote for after the first debate.

5% said they changed their mind in the past six months.

17% said they were undecided when they responded.